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Glass Act

06/27/2019 09:58AM ● By Julieta Hernandez
By: Julieta Hernandez Photos By: Rachel Benavides 

The Snake and Sparkle brand refers to balance: a balance between light particles reflecting off glass, a balance between colors and design, and a balance keeping up with a business life and mom life. For balancer and glass-worker Candice Hanna, it’s all about trusting the flow and having a patient hand.

“The snake is the same thing as the moon,” she says of the inspiration behind her brand name. “It’s always shedding its skin and always changing, like the moon cycles.” Working with stained glass as an art form and a business means that sometimes Hanna will be cycling fresh ideas for pieces, and sometimes she’ll have the greatest concepts come to her while simply changing a diaper. More technically, it also means that sometimes her husband will point out that there’s glass dust in her hair after finishing a piece. That’s where the "Sparkles" part comes from in the name.

That’s how Candice Hanna delicately balances out Snake and Sparkle with a full-time mom life. With careful hands and fragile tools, Hanna creates reflective ornaments of all shapes and colors in her hometown of Aransas Pass – with the companionship of her children, who will occasionally draw cat whiskers on her face while she’s sleeping.

“That’s real life for wake up as a cat, try and get your coffee in, stay in your pajamas, run outside, do a little bit of grinding,” she says. “When I do it, I’ll do like six pieces at a time. But some days, I might just decide not to. I don’t ever want to force it.”

Between making commissioned pieces and collaborating with other local business owners, Hanna comes up with designs for the glass as she goes. Her ascending color, seven-piece chakra-inspired hangings caught attention in the January CC Bliss Box as a spur-of-the-moment design idea. She’s worked on pieces for Wildflowers and Archer Soapworks in Corpus Christi, as well.

Previously in the tattooing field, some of Hanna’s inspiration comes from classic tattoo designs, which explains the vintage, folk aura of her translucent pieces. Her glass creations can range from colorful geometrics to muted colors of crescent moons that create vivid light patterns when hanging by windows.

“I’ll finish a piece sometimes, and just like hold it up to the sun for 30 minutes, because it shines so beautifully,” she says with a smile.

The tangible artwork of these concepts comes from the drawing pad of Hanna’s eldest daughter Sidney, who is also a tattoo artist in town. Hanna usually will ask her daughter to draw her visions when she’s inspired for a new piece. You can also find Sidney’s cartoon artwork of Hanna’s soldering, cutting, and grinding processes on the Snake and Sparkle social media page.

The best place to check out Hanna’s creations, or the lengthy process of making said creations, is on her Instagram, @SnakeAndSparkle. Keep an eye out for her new pieces while you admire her past ones.