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A New Brewery Is Hitting Water Street

06/20/2019 10:43AM ● By Michela May

By: Michela May Photo By: Rachel Benavides

This weekend there will be a new local brewing company in Corpus Christi! The two 'brothers' of the Nueces Brewing Company are officially opening their doors to the public this Saturday at noon. For nearly six years they have been developing the space, crafting their hand-made selection of beers to fit everyone’s tastes, and developing an outdoor space for lounging and food truck services.

Brandon and Cale put everything they had into this project—completely gutting the space and redesigning the interior to fit the image they dreamed of for their brewery. They traveled for years to pick the perfect spot and eventually landed on Corpus Christi. The two loved the influences of the beach, relaxed atmosphere, and Hispanic culture that filled the community. So they set their eyes on an older building at 401 S. Water St. and completely rebuilt it from the ground up.

To show some of their hard work on the place: they first began construction later last year and had to strip all the stucco from the walls, ripped up the concrete floors to replace the plumbing in the brewing house, and the structural frames for the front wall needed to be welded back with new steel. Not to mention all the internal add-ons for their bar and backroom brewing center.

They managed to keep some of the original architecture pieces intact, like the front door and massive show room. Unfortunately, they lost some of those older qualities, too. Most of the cobalt tiles they cherished from the 50’s were destroyed in the rebuild process. To say the least, it was chaos for them for some time!

Now, they have a beautiful building that is their pride and joy. They put several years into the process and care of this place, and look forward to sharing it with everyone this weekend.

Not to mention, they have a line of specially crafted beers that will be perfect to have out on their 1,700 square foot deck. A perfectly timed opening for the summer months!

They will be providing a Mexican lager that is light enough to drink all day and packed with familiar flavors. They also have an easy to drink IPA, and a salty-sweet combo that has a bit of cantaloupe taste for a Texas version of a Gose.

This place really has something for everyone!

And just to remind you, they are located at 401 S. Water St., and will have their celebration right at noon on Saturday, June 22nd. So make sure you visit and talk with the creators of this new brewing spot! They truly are a pair of dedicated and inspiring individuals.

To get more information, visit or call at (512) 690 - 1050