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A Gallery Talk With This Year’s Rockport Poster Artist

06/19/2019 09:15AM ● By Michela May

By: Michela May Photo Provided By: Rockport Center for the Arts

Rockport Center for the Arts will be hosting a reception for their 50th Annual Rockport Art Festival poster winner this weekend. Chosen from a collection of master artists, Angalee DeForest will be presented as this year’s poster artist, and is having a solo showing of over 25 original works till July 27th at the Rockport Center for the Arts.

The public showing of her collection, called Illuminated Reflections, has already begun and will be open to whoever wishes to marvel her collection, with the exception of Sundays that is.

However, this Saturday marks the real showstopper. This is the date for the official release of this year’s poster artist’s creation for the 50th year event! Not to mention, the same night will present an exhibition of Past Poster Artists at the Art Center’s temporary location at 106 S. Austin St., as well as 10 other art spaces joining in on the fun in the Rockport Art Loop. June 22nd truly is a day of art!

The reception kicks off at the Estelle Stair Gallery, located at 406 Austin St., Rockport, and has been rented out for just this occasion! DeForest will be revealing her finished poster that will become the official image of this long-standing event. A gallery talk will start at 4:30 pm and continue till 7 pm. She will even be signing copies of her work!

This prestigious event selected one of the most distinctively South Texas inspired artists to represent Rockport for its 50th anniversary. DeForest graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and has been part of many featured art societies, taught classes in watercolor, pastels and oil paintings, and even done sculpture work. She is known for her style—usually working with a minimal color palette and textures her canvas with painting marks.

In many of her works she brings attention to the beauty of the coastline and inspires people to help preserve these natural landmarks, whether that is through paintings of the land, water, or wildlife. She has always created art that is a depiction of the world around her, and wants to generate a heartfelt reaction.

Illuminated Reflections is a tribute to this life along the Texas coast. These 25 pieces of artwork compile together the feelings DeForest has for the natural beauty of our Texas coast. She presents her vision of the coastline, through her minimal colors and dramatic contrasts, hoping that her fondness will be reflected in the eyes of viewers. She has a deeply rooted love for the Coastal Bend area that many of us cherish.

For more information on the Rockport Art Festival and DeForest’s gallery showing, call (361) 729 – 5519 or visit