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5 Reasons You Should Attend artRageous 2019

06/06/2019 02:49PM ● By Kylie Cooper

By: Kylie Cooper  Photo by: Rachel Benavides

This Saturday evening, the Art Museum of South Texas will quite literally come alive. Okay, maybe not Night at the Museum alive. But, you can certainly expect to see the likes of birds, big cats, and other feathered and furred friends walking through the doors of this iconic Corpus Christi landmark around 7 PM.

Why, might you ask? Well, because the theme for this year’s artRageous is Manes and Markings: An appreciation of skin, scales, furs, feathers, tusks, and tatts. Now, that’s a theme we can get behind. artRageous is the Museum’s opportunity to be a little mischievous. The Committee Chairs, D’Anne Buquet and Cassie Kirkpatrick, have planned an event that is going to be super fun in a very witty and provocative way.

The event serves as the Art Museum’s annual summer fundraising event and it is right around the corner – like two days from now around the corner – and you can still purchase tickets. Online ticket sales will cut off on Friday at midnight; however, you can also buy them at the door.

So, now you might be asking why you should choose to spend your Saturday night. Here are our top reasons. 

The Theme

Okay, so the theme in it of itself should be enough to get you through the doors. The opportunities for an insane wardrobe are endless. You can go all out and spend hours at Hobby Lobby, perusing the feather section and crafting a unique ensemble. Or, maybe you want to go for more of an animal chic vibe and just wear a cool printed dress. Whatever path you decide to take, this theme is next level. Oh, and they are holding a costume contest for the first time this year. Best dressed will win a ticket to next year’s event and will have their name on an award that will live at the museum. 

Tasting Stations

At this year’s event, there will be both whiskey and rum tasting stations set up. This means guests can taste various whiskeys and rums throughout the party for free! Who doesn’t love a good free sip amongst beautiful works of art? Stop by one of the stations and get your fill before moving on to the other actives the night will feature.


Mr. DJ JELLOxSHOT himself will be the curator of vibes for the evening. If you’ve ever been to an event where he was in charge of the music, there is no doubt you will have remembered the amount you danced that night. He’ll be playing music all night long to get the party started, popping, and end with a bang. As the owner of local record store, there is no doubt he will be bringing the funk.

Interactive Activities Galore

This isn’t your normal fundraising event. No plated dinner, no random seating arrangements, no awkward silences between speakers. There are tons of interactive activities you’ll find spread throughout the museum. Like a performance tattoo artist and live stream, a photobooth with Giffy Gram, a wood branding station, art drawings, and more! There actually couldn’t be a more fun way to raise money for a good cause. Plus, the party doesn’t stop there. The official after-party will be held at BUS immediately following the event. We can’t wait to see the inside of BUS filled with creatures of all kinds. 

The Funds

All fun and wild themes aside, the purpose of this event truly is to raise funds for the Art Museum of South Texas. As a cultural mainstay in the Coastal Bend, the museum has been at the center of all things arts and culture for decades. The money raised from this event pours straight back into the museum to support their exhibition and education programs, as well as outreach into the community. So, that $75 ticket will provide you with a night of fun, but it will provide the museum with funds to keep their amazing programs running for our community to enjoy! 

So, have you left this article and purchased your ticket yet? The Bend team will be there in their finest animal attire. Come say hi and show us your look! We can’t wait to see you there.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit