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Color The Stress Away

06/06/2019 02:14PM ● By Michela May
By: Michela May Photo By: Rachel Benavides

All of us understand that as we age there are more things being put on our plates, and it can become overwhelming. There can be a balance to the madness - usually advertised in the forms of exercise, herbs, or simply powering through it all. For most, these options can be incredibly challenging to keep up with, but our mental health is still important!

So maybe we need to look in another direction to keep our minds relaxed. Maybe we can try some meditation? Or there are adaptogens - plant sourced herbs that help target hormonal imbalances, but they can be difficult to find in the Coastal Bend area. You may even forget all of this during the busy day, too!

How about coloring? Elementary school is generally the last time we get to experience this activity, and coloring a book with crayons seems pointless to some eyes.

There really are benefits to using these books though! They grab your attention in a way that makes everything else melt away, so the only choice you have to worry about for the day is what perfect color goes where. These small coloring books house hundreds of brilliantly detailed botanical gardens or geometric shapes within their pages to uplift the office atmosphere.

Trisha George is a local artist who does just this, and has published many of her own coloring books since 2016. She originally lived in Pennsylvania but moved to the Coastal Bend area to escape the stress of a corporate world. So she began creating beautiful works to share her passion, all in an effort to provide relief to those who are going through much of the same struggles she had.

Her first book focuses on the calming effects of mandalas - a form of geometric diagrams, originally from Sanskrit and adopted into the Hindu and Buddhist religions, as a way to transform suffering into enlightenment. The circular shapes influence meditation and are known to revive the mind. Each piece starts with a central circle and spirals outward, mimicking the natural rings in tree trunks or pedals of flowers – even the shapes of atoms and cells.

George expresses this style of art in many of her pieces, appropriately naming one of her books “Creative Art Mandalas: Relaxing and Stress Free Coloring.” She also offers miniature travel books, a 200+ page journal with inspirational messages, and even a black paper edition, so everyone can enjoy her art to find some balance in their lives.

You can order her books online or contact her at to learn more about her art.