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World Ocean's Day In The Coastal Bend

06/06/2019 09:58AM ● By Michela May

By: Michela May Photo by: Rachel Benavides

The open beaches of the Texas bay have become a staple once again for Coastal Bend and visiting central residence as summer time approaches, but when the ragged winds of Corpus Christi start up and the exhausting heat make the white sands unbearable in the afternoon, there are places to escape to that can benefit all sea-goers.

World Ocean’s Day approaches this Saturday on June 8th, and brings recognition to the beauty of our summer escapes. People all over the world will be celebrating the blue planet through collaborative cleanups and conservation events - but this is not the only day of the year that locals can participate! Some of our restaurants are taking part in keeping the oceans healthy all year round through the Surfrider Foundation, which dedicates itself to the world’s oceans, waves and beaches by asking restaurants to participate in ocean-friendly practices to keep them clean of hard to deteriorate plastics and one-use containers.

Not only can you help out with cleaning up Mustang Beach or participating at the Texas State Aquarium during World Ocean’s Day, but you can also support the local businesses that give their all to keep the ocean clean every day!

Here are some local restaurants that are members of the Surfrider Foundation.

1.  Scuttlebutt’s Seafood Bar & Grill provides something for everyone! However, they have some of the most unique and home-style seafood tastes in the Coastal Bend area. A classic; the Island style fish n’ chip basket, comes out with a golden and crispy batter that settles any nostalgic coastal heart. 14254 South Padre Island Dr.

2.  The Post at Lamar Park is one of the most visited bars in town, and has an even more recognizable food array. They have some of the most complex flavor combinations, including their crispy brussel sprouts that have a warm, smoky taste, accompanied by a honey Sriracha sauce. It’s a to die for favorite among the regulars and this is truly a pub that specializes in gourmet food. 411 Doddridge St. #102

3.  The Sushi Room is located in one of the most diverse and community centralized spots of Corpus Christi, providing everyone with fresh sushi blends, including California style and spicy tuna rolls. Their chef specialty rolls are where the creativity kicks in, though - where blackened tuna mixes with yellow bell peppers, cucumber poblano cream sauce, and pico de gallo to create a symphony of sweet and tangy flavors in their black tuna roll. 309 North Water St.

4.  The Pepsi Shoreline Grill at the Texas State Aquarium is another great, ocean friendly option to visit during World Ocean’s Day. This grill specializes in half-pound burgers and even offers a kid-friendly menu, benefiting the whole family. The classic menu provides something that can be enjoyed by everyone while interacting with some of the world’s most magnificent ocean creatures. They are even the first ever Texas restaurant to receive an award for their ocean-friendly practices! 2710 North Shoreline Blvd., first floor

5.  La Playa Mexican Grille is another option for those living in the Port Aransas area wanting an ocean-friendly experience. Providing a wonderful selection of traditional Mexican cuisine, an array of Tex Mex foods, daily fish specials, and even vegan friendly options, all encapsulated within a small hotspot that booms with the classic, southwestern coastal lifestyle. 222 Beach Ave., Port Aransas

To find more information about World Ocean’s Day or how to set up a local event, visit, or call +1(401)709-4071, and to learn more about the Surfrider Foundation, visit, or call (949)492-8170