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The Wild and Wonderful Kent Ullberg

05/30/2019 04:54PM ● By Jessie Monsivais

By: Jessie Monsivais  Photo courtesy of the Art Museum of South Texas

Lions, and tigers, and bear, oh my...well, kind of. 

The Art Museum of South Texas is proud to celebrate the Wild and Wonderful Sculptures of Kent Ullberg. On display from May 18 – August 18, the retrospective of world-renowned sculptor, Kent Ullberg brings inside the artist's process.

The exhibit features 50 sculptures from private and public collections including pieces from the Art Museum of South Texas Permanent Collection.

Through the use of award-winning software programs and Museum displays, AMST will incorporate four interactive education installations to bring the world of Ullberg to our visitors through technology. From moquettes, tools, and sketchbooks to drawings and grouped parts that illuminate the process for casting sculpture, the installation will include four different styles of interactive and educational presentations. 

Including an 'up-projection' of wildlife habitats through images and sounds (try not to sit and stare at this thing for longer than 30 minutes). As well as a hands-on touch display that allows the visitor to discover the various locations of Ullberg's art on display and a large-scale digital wall projection of a triptych sculpture depicting three progressive screens for the viewer to render a photo of an abstract image to a realistic one. Cleverly titled, "Where in the World is Kent Ullberg?", the installation also features an interactive app that, when pointed towards the wall label, shares additional information about the artwork on display. Large-format photo murals of major outdoor installations from around the world from Sweden, United Kingdom, China, Luxembourg, South Africa, and the U.S are also included as part of the exhibition.

"The Art Museum of South Texas could not be more excited to have the opportunity to honor an artist of Kent Ullberg's caliber," shares Sara Morgan, AMST Interim Director. "He is a well-traveled, internationally respected and revered artist that chooses to live in Corpus Christi. He sees abundant beauty in South Texas wildlife, and represents a lot of it with his work. 

The reputation of the Swedish native, as both an artist and sculptor, cannot be exaggerated. Ullberg's work is a celebration of his extensive career as a worldly distinguished wildlife sculptor. 

The National Academy of Design elected Ullberg as a full academician – the first wildlife artist since John James Audubon to receive one of the utmost honors in American art.  Kent has achieved numerous other national and international awards for his works of art. Kent studied at Swedish University College of Art in Stockholm and has worked in museums in Europe and Africa. Ullberg and his wife, Veerle, reside on Padre Island in Corpus Christi, Texas, but also maintain a studio in Loveland, Colorado. Kent is best known for his iconic community sculptures, and his global acclamation stems from the monumental work he achieves for museums and municipalities across the globe.

The exhibition will be on display until the 18th of August. For more information, visit