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Vintage Coronation

05/02/2019 10:14PM ● By Jessie Monsivais

By: Jessie Monsivais

Did you know Coronation dresses from almost 30 years ago are on display at a local shop? The dresses, which truly are a piece of artwork, have evolved over the years; but have always been something to marvel at. A boutique in Calallen, 2Jewels, is displaying two coronation dresses from the year 1991!

The two dresses are from The Court of Celebrations: where Lisa Kennedy Allen’s dress’ theme was Fiesta and Julie Painter Tilton’s dress’ theme was Far East. Ashley Smith,  the Marketing Director at Navy Army, was also a duchess in the Coronation at that time and will have her dress on display too.

"I am thrilled to display both mine and Lisa’s dress because we were in the court the same year.  We actually were on the same parade float for the Buc Day’s Parade.  We have developed a life-time friendship," says Julie.

With a different theme each year, the dresses motifs aren’t revealed until long after the dresses have been planned. The themes are prepared a full 365 days in advance and designers work on the dresses all year. Julie Tilton has experienced this both herself  and again with her family –from her cousin and sister to her daughter. 

This year Julie's daughter, Ellie, a sophomore at Texas A&M-College Station, is the Duchess of Curiosity & Harmony; representing Ariel from the Little Mermaid. "It is amazing to see the theme, design, and colors and the time they spend designing these dresses. It's just an amazing experience," shares Julie excitedly.

To see the dresses on display, visit 2Jewels anytime during store hours!