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La Isla Boheme

04/25/2019 03:13PM ● By Jacqueline Gonzalez

By: Jacqueline Gonzalez  Photos by: Jason Page

As guests enter the gorgeous Island home of Sarisa Munoz, they are greeted with an eclectic display of bohemian and rustic décor. Her style emphasizes a carefree and colorful vibe that allows her to showcase her unique personality, while embracing an arrangement with no set requirements. 

Originally from Oklahoma, Sarisa and her husband were looking for waterfront property. The 4-bedroom, 4-bath home was a perfect fit for the laid-back Island vibe they were looking for. 

Sarisa, who operates the Instagram account @the_indigo_leopard_home, obtains many of her décor items from adoring fans around the world. A cherished buffalo painting from Stockholm, Sweden, sits along the curved staircase and blends in beautifully with the rich shades of the walls. Adjacent to the buffalo painting, two black and white sketches by European artist Tove Dalsryd are ensconced in wooden frames, one of them bearing the likeness of Sarisa and her husband. The woven, beaded detail of the Justina Blakeney macramé chandelier hanging over the staircase adds the perfect touch. 

While there are no rules or standards for bohemian décor, Sarisa sticks to using combinations of warm earthy colors like deep browns and greens, with accents of jewel tones like fuchsia, electric blue, and rich orange. The combinations of these colors make the style unique and allows her to keep her décor options open. With a mix-and-match aesthetic, Sarisa opts for crochet, macramé, and woven textures as signature embellishments. 

Bohemian vibes tend to have certain similarities, but no two rooms are ever completely alike. There is a place for combinations of objects, colors, and patterns from different areas of the world anywhere in the home. “The best thing about Bohemian décor,” says Sarisa, “is that anything goes!” One of her favorite thrift store finds is a wooden peacock headboard. At the time, she had no use for a headboard, but the $0.99 price tag was too good a deal to pass up. After cutting off the legs, she converted it into a fireplace screen that has now become one of the focal points in her living area. A wooden cabinet with ornate detail adorns the living room and is one of Sarisa’s favorite pieces. Although bohemian style is usually filled with saturated colors, the light contrast of the white shade combined with the intricate detail of the cabinet doors adds a chic vintage touch to the living room. Chunky gold mirrors and mosaic candle holders add a bit of glamour to the equation.

Ambient lighting unifies boho vibes, adding an ideal finishing touch to an already calm and welcoming vibe. Sarisa uses jeweled lamps, pendant lighting, table lamps, and tall candle holders displaying jewel-toned candles to provide vintage lighting that sets the mood. 

Sometimes, a girl just has to take matters into her own hands when faced with a décor dilemma. 

She was less than pleased with the runner on the staircase, but was having difficulty finding a replacement with a fun print. Sarisa let her creativity take the wheel and turned to Wayfair, where she came across a carpet with the perfect print. Since the staircase has a challenging curve, she ordered five 3x5 carpets, and with the help of a handyman and her husband, removed the existing carpet, measured, and fitted the new carpet, totally transforming the staircase and giving it the wow factor it was missing. 

Two large brown peacock chairs also received a makeover: To give them a pop of color, she turned to bold paint shades. For the chair outside, she used a can of outdoor waterproof spray in an electric blue shade called “Hello, Handsome,” a name befitting the burst of color that greets guests as they approach the front door. For the second chair, located in the living room, she used the same bold shade of fuchsia used on the wall underneath the staircase. The sunlight from the window allows the bold and bright personality of the fuchsia shade to pop.

The floor in the master bedroom also received a bold and creative makeover. The concrete floor was painted an inviting shade of electric blue, then topped with a Moroccan stencil design in white, giving the floor a unique look. The design of the floor provides the perfect contrast to the boho bedroom décor, giving an exotic feel to the room.

The bathrooms exude the same exotic vibes, from the freestanding bathtub to the strategically placed indoor plants and bright rug. The light from the mosaic candles given to her by an Instagram follower to display, and the paper blinds on the windows, allow for just the right amount of lighting for optimal relaxation. 

No Padre Island home is complete without a designated spot for outdoor entertaining. The outdoor cooking area, covered by a Palapa and complete with a grill and swimming pool, is a fantastic spot to gather with friends or simply enjoy an evening with family underneath the beautiful Coastal Bend sunset.