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The Thought that Counts

04/25/2019 02:37PM ● By Kylie Cooper

By: Kylie Cooper  Photos by: Rachel Benavides  Styled by: JoAnne Howell

Mother's Day is on the horizon and that calls for a celebration! While most people’s instinct might be to go out and enjoy a nice Sunday brunch, we’re opting for a cozier route. This year, celebrate all the wonderful things your mom has done  by bringing her breakfast in bed!

There is no need to prepare a five course meal (although, if you want a mountain of pancakes with all the breakfast sides, we aren’t here to stop you). Instead, stock up on her favorite pastries and fruits! This allows for an headache-free set up and can even be purchased the day before. Just make sure to toast up those croissants before plating. Plus, the greatest part about this idea is that it is the thought that counts!

Find a tray around your house and fill it with goodies that will put a smile on mom’s face. Flowers are a sure way to brighten up your set up. Find out what her favorite flowers are and place them in a vase on the tray. An added bonus? Flowers double as both beautiful décor and a gift! Then, whip up your mom’s favorite morning cocktail. We went for the classic mimosa with pineapple juice and a couple of berries dropped in. 

Use various sized plates to hold your different food items. This helps with keeping everything tidy and also adds an extra stylistic element to your set up as a whole. Finish it off with a little gift that will warm your mothers heart – like this quaint box filled with inspirational quotes on beautiful graphic papers. 

However you choose to celebrate mom on this special day, do it in style (and with local goods)!