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Success Story: Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Hospital

03/28/2019 04:43PM ● By Jarred Schuetze

By: Jaqueline Gonzalez for Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Hospital

In December 2017, Martha Figarelli felt a tight pain in her chest while out for a walk with her daughter. Although she was a diabetic with high blood pressure, she was an otherwise healthy woman who exercised regularly and maintained a healthy diet. After meeting with her cardiologist, she was referred to undergo a stress test to determine the underlying cause of her chest pain. The stress test determined Figarelli would need a quadruple bypass surgery, which came as a shock to her. She received the operation a week later.  

She began therapy after a successful surgery, and the therapy was going well until she felt the tightness in her chest again. This is when she was admitted to Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Center (CCRH) to begin therapy and exercise. CCRH was recommended by friends and doctors as a place where she would receive top notch care. She felt comfortable entering an establishment with a plan and a strong focus on helping her achieve her goals for recovery.

Prior to her shocking diagnosis, she was very active with exercise and spending time with her husband and children. Today, 73-year-old Martha is enjoying the ability to be back home and return to her normal lifestyle. She continues to focus on staying healthy by exercising and maintain a well-balanced diet.

Figarelli explained how grateful she felt for the round the clock care she received at CCRH, as well as the empathy from all the staff. “The facilities were so clean, the food was great, and everyone was so nice,” says Martha, “They treated me like family.” From the doctor who greeted Martha and her children within 3 minutes of their arrival, to the attentive care of the nurses, CNA’s, and therapists greatly influenced and motivated her to heal quickly.

After a week-long stay at CCRH, Figarelli was well enough to go home. She is grateful that God, and the wonderful medical staff at CCRH gave her another chance to live, and today, she continues to focus on her health, exercising three times a day and eating well-balanced meals. She plans on resuming her travels, specifically to Houston to visit her children, and Colombia to visit her family.