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Meet Monica Benavidez

03/01/2019 04:00AM ● By Jarred Schuetze

How did you first get interested in Interior Design?

As soon as I had my own apartment/space, I got bit by the design bug. Using paint, furniture, and decor to transform the look and feel of a space (on a budget!) is an exciting challenge that I love to write about and share with my readers.

What is "Monica Wants It"?

Monica Wants It, my blog, aims to provide inspiration, ideas, and DIY tutorials to help people create magazine worthy homes no matter their budget. 

When did you decide to start the blog?

In April 2009, a month before my wedding, I decided to start a blog about all the things I wanted to buy for our apartment after the wedding. (Hence the name, Monica Wants It). A year or so after that, we bought our first home and it morphed into a DIY and home decor/design blog. I do essentially write about what I want in my home, so the name has stuck around for nearly a decade. 

What inspires you?

Textiles, florals, art and patterns are things I look to draw inspiration from when designing a space. I also love the thrill of the hunt for a perfect accessory or a unique piece of art to really make a room pop. I can often be found shopping at the local antique shops in town!

If you were a household item (furniture, decor, a pillow, literally anything!), what would you be?

I'd definitely be a grand crystal chandelier because of my obsession with all things sparkly and ornate. 

How would you describe your style?

My style is feminine glam meets modern traditional. I love bold florals, girly colors, and metallics juxtaposed with the hallmarks of traditional decor and design.