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Wholesome & Pure

11/29/2018 09:18PM ● By Jordan Regas

By: Jessie Monsivais  Photos by: Jenna Pilsner

Many of us make health resolutions for the new year, but the challenge of change can be daunting. Often, our good intentions diminish faster than we can get started. However, a juice cleanse could be the perfect way to fire up a productive new year.

One young woman who has incorporated fresh pressed juice into her everyday diet for the past four years is now running a successful juice company. Coryn is not your typical 18-year-old. Her entrepreneurial skill set comes from helping run her parents’ business. “Growing up around business energy and throwing your creativity into something that makes you feel alive, I always wanted to do something on my own, something creative,” she says.

In January of 2017, she launched Roots Juice through pop-up shops and by selling to friends and family. Her first Instagram post blew up, and the next day she had an order for 100 bottles of her fresh pressed juice. “I was really excited; it was such a beautiful shock.”

Roots Juice specializes in detox juice packages. The most popular is a three-day cleanse that helps reset your mind and body as well as cleanse your organs. “In our daily lives, we breathe in pollution and just gunk. The things we eat, even if you do eat a healthy diet, still just kind of have clogged gunk that builds up in our organs, and it gets heavy,” says Coryn. She recommends a three-day cleanse every month to shake off that sluggish feeling and reawaken energy and mental clarity.

Coryn found her passion for healthy living throughout her four years of being vegan. “Juice alone has always been a ritual for me, just to get in something so pure and wholesome. Raw juice is full of vital minerals and nutrients our body needs. To me, connecting nature and health consciousness really grounds me. I try to incorporate as much fresh produce as I can in my life. I find it easiest and the best tasting in juice form. Whenever I incorporate raw produce, it makes me feel the most energized and just kind of vibrating at a higher frequency. Spreading that around has just been the best.”

Roots Juice’s ultimate goal of opening an entirely plant-based café is in the works. Coryn hopes to bring something that is welcoming to all, not only vegans. “I love recreating food that I grew up on – street tacos, buffalo wings…it’s not just going to be just salad,” she says with a contagious laugh. Roots Café will offer vegan meals for anyone who loves to eat! Of course, the quintessential fresh pressed juice will also be on the menu.

To keep up to date with pop-up shops and food events, follow Roots Juice on Instagram