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Timeless Taste, Minimal Design

11/29/2018 08:36PM ● By Jacqueline Gonzalez

By: Jacqueline Gonzalez  Photos by: Jason Page

Tiffany Batchelor never imagined she would be leaving her home in Dallas. When her husband found a job in Corpus Christi, the Batchelor family was ready to embrace the change.

Tiffany had an idea of what she wanted in a home, but the stars aligned when she discovered this home in Bessar Park, one of Corpus Christi’s premier neighborhoods. She quickly fell in love with the two-story canary yellow house. Built in the 1940s, this house showcased every element of an old-style home that Tiffany desired. The home was recently renovated with designs, colors, and a layout perfectly matched to her tastes. The stunning black and white palette offered crisp lines to complement minimalistic ideals.

With ample room, this grand house welcomes guests with large brick columns at the foot of the brick pathway. The lush, green yard and the brick edged garden provide curb appeal. Enchanting, statuesque oak trees add charm and character to the scene.

The updated kitchen includes honed granite countertops, a gas range, a warming drawer, a plethora of pantry space, fabulous lighting, and a wonderful view overlooking the large dining area. The humble charm of the subway tile backsplash creates a stunning array of uniform lines, adding to the clean, fresh ambiance. The retro hexagon mosaic tile floor with a floral design stays true to the feel of an older house while enhancing the kitchen’s allure.

The leaded glass windows in the dining area inspire a sense of tranquility as they offer plenty of light overlooking the dining room table. The dark stained hardwood floors, along with a display of her husband’s love of hunting, add a rustic contrast to the crisp white walls. An array of glass decor filled with red roses imbues the table with a sense of luxury and a phenomenal pop of color. This fresh combination of romantic and rustic elements creates a perfect setting for family meals or large dinner parties.

A love of family and memories abounds in the family room. The focal point of the family room is Tiffany’s childhood piano. The vintage brown shade is a lovely contrast against the soft colors of the furniture and decor. The bright white surfaces of the family room allow the space to feel as open and roomy as possible. The spacious room also makes for great acoustics. Tiffany values art and friendship, and what better way to adorn the walls of her family room than by displaying artwork created by a friend in Dallas. She and her husband received the beautiful oil painting with a “13” emblazoned over the pastel shades for their thirteenth wedding anniversary.

Every entrepreneur needs her office space. What was once a porch is now a closed-in area with large French doors offering a beautiful, natural setting with an unobstructed view of the backyard. The woven wood shades offer the option of a more subdued aesthetic for working. Artwork from Paris adds a touch of color, along with memories of her travels and friends made.

The L-shaped staircase leads to a stained-glass window making a brilliant focal point. The stained-glass window lends color and character to the hallway, while inviting light without surrendering privacy.

The grand and gorgeous master bedroom on the second floor provides an inviting entrance to a private balcony overlooking the front yard. The floor is painted in black and white grid squares, creating a nice contrast with the canary yellow exterior. The airy and fun vibes of the balcony beckon for a quiet, relaxing time with a great view to admire.

In a clever attempt to maximize space, a large bedroom was split into two smaller bedrooms, perfect for Tiffany’s school-aged children. At the end of the hallway sits a large shelf with books and games, allowing the children to claim their space.

With simple decor and a taste for family treasures, the Batchelor residence offers functionality, warmth, and a sense of home.