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Lift, Tighten & Give Thanks

The Corpus Christi Institute of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery now offers Ultherapy! “I wanted to give my patients options. Some people are not ready for surgery, but still need something that is going to deliver that lift they are lacking. Ultherapy is that lift.”

A non-invasive skin tightening & lifting treatment, Ultherapy uses time-tested ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin naturally without surgery, helping you achieve a fresher, more youthful look from your brow to your chest! The safety and efficacy of Ultherapy have been established through clinical studies and over 1 million treatments performed worldwide. Ultherapy is FDA-cleared to lift the skin on the neck, under the chin, and on the brow, as well as to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the décolleté. Ultherapy has also received the European CE mark for non-invasive dermatological sculpting and lifting of the upper face, lower face, neck and décolleté.

Before your treatment, you will schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our Ultherapy-trained aestheticians to determine if you are a candidate for the treatment and to decide which areas you would like treated.


During the treatment, ultrasound energy will be delivered using the Ulthera System. Depending on where you are treated, the procedure can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Some patients see an immediate result, but you should expect to see results appear over 2-3 months or even up to 6 months post-treatment. After cleansing the skin, our aesthetician will apply the ultrasound gel and place the smooth treatment applicator against your skin. Our aesthetician will use ultrasound imaging to determine optimal placement of the treatment energy, and then deliver the focused ultrasound energy beneath the skin’s surface. During the treatment, you will feel energy being deposited to precise depths, indicating that the collagen-building process has been initiated.


Ultherapy deposits focused ultrasound energy deep beneath the skin at the optimal temperature for collagen regeneration. The treatment jumpstarts a natural process, neocollagenesis, to produce fresh, new collagen to counteract the effects of time and gravity on your skin. Ultherapy relies on your body's own collagen-building process for natural, noticeable results.


Since there is no downtime with Ultherapy, you are free to return to your normal activities immediately after your treatment is complete. Some patients appear flushed, or may experience slight swelling, tingling, or tenderness to touch. These side effects are mild and temporary in nature, and are not expected to interfere with your normal activities. As with any medical procedure, there is the possibility for other rare effects, which our aestheticians will review with you during your consultation.

Consultations for Ultherapy are complimentary, both Ashley Wendt (Licensed Aesthetician) and Lindsay Garcia (Licensed Aesthetician) look forward to discussing the possibilities this treatment has for you!