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Fluff Up the Classic

10/26/2018 12:16PM ● By Julieta Hernandez

By: Julieta Hernandez  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

When most people think cotton candy they aren’t quick to visualize a marg and vice versa.

“Here at Green Light, we never really do anything straight up,” laughs Zak Kaszynski, barista and Southside manager. “We always add some funky twist or weird hybridization to offer alternatives.” 

Green Light Coffee Southside quickly grew to offer much more than coffee. The Cotton Candy Margarita was created from a hand-spun original house recipe to make adult beverages just a little bit sweeter on the edges. 

“I try a lot of recipes. I test them and tweak them. There are plenty of avenues we can take with the cotton candy, and this was just the first one on liquor,” says Sarah Hans, owner. “Balancing the tart with the sweetness just seemed to make sense. It’s a drink I’d have on my birthday, but even just as a happy hour drink.”

If it’s not the silver milagro tequila, it's the tang of fresh squeezed lime juice that gives this iced drink the crisp flavor of an authentic, well-rounded marg. Pure cane cream soda and grand marnier upgrade the laid-back party classic to a pinkie up cocktail.

“It’s not the kind of drink that you slam back and shout ‘TEQUILA!’ It’s the kind of drink for when you want to let your inner kid out while being adult,” says Kaszynski.

“You’re creating the drink on your own by pushing the cotton candy in. You’re sugaring the rim. You’re the pro and creating your own unique drinking experience. You’re pretty much the bartender yourself.”

For every order, the lemon-flavored sugar tuft that rims this drink is spun from Green Light’s homemade sugar recipe right in front of you. It goes straight from the dome to the top of your glass where it can either be tucked in to dissolve, left on top to sip through, or pulled apart and dipped in your marg. The margarita glass lends itself well to the shape, allowing room for the lemon-flavored cotton candy to sit pretty on top and slowly dissolve on its own. 

The Cotton Candy Margarita is one of the eight unique concoctions on Green Light’s new cocktail menu, available only at the Southside location.

Cotton Candy Margarita Ingredients:

1 ½ fl oz tequila
1 ½ fl oz cream soda
½ oz grand marnier
¼ fl oz lime juice
1 whole fluff of lemon cotton candy