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Quality Healthcare, Evaluated

10/26/2018 10:29AM ● By Kirby Tello

By: Kirby Tello  Illustration by: Sierra Lutz

The 2018 Nueces County Medical Society (NCMS) Physicians’ Hospital Quality Survey results are in. The survey is conducted to gauge the overall quality of healthcare in the Coastal Bend. While many aspects of the survey focus on medical staff and administration, hospital policies and procedures, and even potential issues that can arise at healthcare facilities, the main objective of this study is to provide a benchmark for how our medical community can continue to raise the bar in offering stellar healthcare to our residents.

“The goal of the survey is to stimulate productive conversations between our members and the hospitals that operate in our county,” states Nueces County Medical Society President, Justin Hensley, MD. “We want to promote collaborative relationships that result in quality care for area residents, as well as meet the needs of NCMS member physicians.”

The survey reveals statistics and results from the six hospital facilities in Corpus Christi: South Texas Surgical, Driscoll Children’s Hospital, Corpus Christi Medical Center (CCMC) Doctor’s Regional, CCMC Bay Area, CHRISTUS South, and CHRISTUS Shoreline. From the physicians' perspective, the study revealed that 62 percent of doctors are satisfied with the healthcare facilities overall. Although over the past two years physicians have identified that organizational changes have seemed to negatively impact their practice, the highest rated attribute among all six hospitals was the overall quality of nursing and support staff.

The healthcare needs in the Coastal Bend are as prevalent as ever. With Spohn Memorial closing its doors last year and the community awaiting the opening of the Spohn Shoreline expansion, Corpus Christi Medical Center (both Doctor’s Regional and Bay Area) continue to support the area by taking on increased patient volumes. In turn, physicians are bearing a lot of the burden. Inevitably they are at an elevated risk for burnout. This factor is identified in the survey noting that 45 percent of physicians believe the nurturing of their stress levels and risk of burnout needs to be of top priority to the hospital system.

“Surveys like these give voice to the concerns of physicians and create a platform to drive productive, collaborative conversations with area hospitals,” says Gelb Consulting representative Ed Tucker. “Bringing the voice of the customer, in this case physicians, to hospitals helps ground anecdotal observations with solid research to inform and support decisions on where to improve and how to improve.”

While the collected information identifies best practices and areas of opportunities for Corpus Christi’s healthcare system, the survey results point to a potential collective solution. All medical providers and individual hospital systems are needed to combine their available resources to support the entire healthcare needs of the community. With a collaborative approach to patient care and the support of all providers, physicians, and medical staff, the patients can have the best and safest quality care.