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Here is Why You Should Attend ArtBall 2018

10/23/2018 04:40PM ● By Kylie Cooper
By: Kylie Kinnett  Photo by: Rachel Benavides

Last year, I had the pleasure of attending the Art Museum of South Texas’ ArtBall (formally known as gala). As a 23-year-old, that was most certainly the fanciest event I had ever attended. You’d think I would have been nervous or felt as though I didn’t belong in such a room. However, it was one of the most fun nights I had ever been a part of. I ate good food, drank strong drinks, perused amazing art, had wonderful conversations, and, of course, danced the night away.

Fast forward a year later, I am now on the Board of Trustees of the museum. Sharing news, events, and highlights in regard to the Art Museum is one of my duties as both a board member and a writer. So, here I am, telling you exactly why you should attend the ArtBall 2018 on November 8th.

First things first. While yes, the tickets are not the same price as say, a cover fee at a local concert venue on a Thursday night, it is still worth every penny. For starters, this year’s event is taking things back home. The ball will be held at the museum itself, for the first time in quite a while. The beauty and architecture the Art Museum holds is, on its own, enough to want to spend the evening partying away there. However, I understand you might need a little bit more convincing. 

“We are melding the best parts of our innovative artRageous summer parties with the spectacular style of the traditional gala,” Event Co-Chair, Jessica Gignac, says in reference to the unique evening they have planned.  

The theme for the evening revolves around a one-of-a-kind bioluminescent experience. I am not sure exactly what that means décor wise, but I am hoping for a whole lot of glow sticks or maybe even tanks of jelly fish (Too much? Who knows).

If you’ve ever been to an event at the Art Museum (which if the answer is no, that means you’ve never been to Local’s List and that is unfortunate for you), then you’ll understand just how magnificent an evening spent there is. The ambiance is already there; but, add in a stellar, black-tie outfit, plenty of drinks to go around, silent art auctions, and another silent auction filled with exciting packages (FYI, The Bend has donated something to the silent auction and it’s a prize well worth bidding on), and you have the recipe for a night filled with FOMO if you are viewing it via your Instagram stories because you aren’t in attendance.

Another reason to attend? Bobby Yang and his live jam band will be providing entertainment for the night. Unfamiliar? Google him and watch some YouTube videos immediately. My guess is Bobby and his band bring the ultimate dance party experience.

Have you bought your ticket yet or are you still reading this? Either way, I should also mention the fact that there will be a liquor pull! This means all attendees will have the opportunity to dip their hands into a shimmery pool and retrieve a token. Each token corresponds to a bottle of liquor they will have just won! Oh, and while we are on the topic of liquor, there will also be an ice luge. And, yes, this means receiving a signature cocktail from a block of ice. I’m getting freshman year of college flashbacks in the best way possible.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, this event serves as the Art Museum of South Texas’ largest annual fundraiser. You know that awesome exhibit you went to a couple months ago and loved so much? This helps allow that exhibit to have a home in the museum. You know that summer camp you enrolled your kids in that they couldn’t stop talking about after it was over? Yup, this helps make that possible. You know the fun and educational events and workshops that both bring a little more culture to your life and excitement to your day? You guessed it, this helps in making that a thing.

The result of everything I just said above? A transformative event that takes on the traditional concept of a gala and flips it on its head to create a 21st century bioluminescent celebration of art. One you most definitely will want to be a part of.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased through the Art Museum of South Texas’ website: