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An Ode to the First Corpus Cold Front

10/16/2018 12:53PM ● By Kylie Cooper

By: Kylie Kinnett  Illustration by: Esther van der Drift (@esthervanderdrift)

Last night, as I was lying in bed waiting for my brain to give in and finally turn off, I was planning my outfit for today. I even began searching online for new winter basics because I, of course, need to replace the plethora of black turtle necks I already have hanging in my closet. I have been waiting for this day for quite some time. The day the temperatures finally drop enough to where I can bust out my baby blue, over-sized corduroy jacket and not be looked at like I am crazy.

As much as we all love where we live, that first descent below 70 degrees is almost as exciting as Christmas morning. I don’t know about you, but I thrive in the cold weather – better skin, better hair, and way better options for wardrobe choices.

You can walk your dog without breaking a sweat. You can make a massive batch of soup for dinner and have comfort food leftovers for weeks. You can turn your AC off in your home and open the windows (yay for saving money AND energy!). You can give into your basic-ness and play Bon Iver while driving down Ocean Dr. and it fit the mood of the sky perfectly. You can walk from your car to your front door without being swarmed by mosquitoes. You can wear those baggy, gray sweatpants that are so dang comfortable but way too thick to ever wear because you’ll be uncomfortably hot the second you put them on. I can keep going, but I’ll stop there – I think you get the point. 

As a born and raised South Texan, you could say the first cold front is something I not only am longing for all year, but praising the weather gods for once it arrives. If you subscribe to our Weekly Drop, you should already be fairly familiar with my anticipation and excitement in regard to the change of seasons. Other cities might scoff at our reaction to the year’s first front. They might think we overdo it when it comes to our puffy jackets. They might roll their eyes when they see us complaining on Facebook about temperatures below 60 degrees in a couple weeks once the initial excitement has worn off. But, alas, here we are, October 16th and 55 degrees, and I have never felt more alive. With a brisk breeze on my face and a blazing hot coffee in my hand, I stepped out of my apartment this morning, layers and all, with a smile and an attitude to conquer the world.

I don’t know if the cold temperatures are here to stay or just taunting us for now. But, I do know this warm-bodied, prone to sweat editor is beyond ready for them and was front and center of the welcoming committee, greeting the cold front with arms wide open as it rolled in yesterday afternoon. Cheers to a South Texas fall!