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Shoring The House: HGTV's Newest Series Out Of Corpus Christi

08/23/2018 05:07PM ● By Kylie Cooper

By: Kylie Kinnett  Photos contributed by: Gino and Amanda Montalvo

Sometimes, when you are so immersed into the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you forget to remember and take in your surroundings. You start to take the beautiful city you live in for granted. With the newest HGTV original series, “Shoring the House,” filmed right here in Corpus Christi, the Montalvo family hopes to remind those who live here, as well as the rest of the country, just how special Corpus Christi really is. 

With what started as Chris Montalvo and his cousin, Gino Montalvo, renovating houses together, soon grew to a business involving the whole family. As projects began getting bigger, Chris’ wife, Amanda, decided to join in and help with the design aspect of renovating a house.

Gino began sharing their finished products on social media and with that, their following began to grow more and more. “We would start selling houses before we had even listed them,” Amanda says. “Gino started posting more of our work on Facebook and that is what eventually caught the attention of HGTV.”

With Chris and Gino’s wife, Analissa, being the more behind-the-scene and business savvy side of the renovations, Amanda and Gino decided to serve as the faces for the new HGTV original series, “Shoring the House.”

The production company reached out to the cousin duo almost two whole years ago to tell them they were interested in what they were doing and felt as though they checked all the boxes for the new show they were wanting to create. After numerous interviews and conversations, we fast forward to October of 2017, when the filming process began for the pilot episode of Shoring the House. “There are so many steps to this process,” Gino says. “You can be cut at really any time before even making it to film a pilot episode.”

Now, after a couple of years of waiting, filming, and more waiting, the Montalvo family awaits the premiere of the show, this Sunday at 1 PM on HGTV.  The pilot episode will feature the family members renovating a home described as the “ugly duckling” of the neighborhood. “During the process, neighbors would walk by the house and clap” Gino humorously states. “It was just this massive, vacant corner house and we were helping to better this neighborhood.”

 While the show will follow a similar structure to other fixer-upper shows, they have put a rather refreshing take on the format by adding in the element of social media and selfie-like filming. Which is true to form, as the concept for the show was discovered through Gino’s social media platforms in the first place. “A lot of the show is actually filmed on my iPhone,” Gino says. “It shows that we are really here, every single day, working hard on these projects — this is real-time footage and they haven’t really ever allowed that before. They let us be ourselves, and I think that will show in the episode.”

Gino and Amanda’s hope for the show is to really shine a light on our city. Being Corpus Christi natives, they take immense pride in our community and want to share that with the rest of the country. “We were born and raised here, our family is here, and we are raising our children here; we have no intention on leaving,” Amanda says. “We want to restore and bring value to the community and showcase what an amazing place this is to live.” They add that they have seen what these types of shows have done for cities (Waco, for example), and simply hope to do the same for Corpus.

However, they need your help! In order for the show to be approved for a full season, the pilot episode must be a success! So, this Sunday, August 26th, at 1 PM, tune in to HGTV. The views that count towards their ratings must be LIVE views. This means, even if you DVR the episode and watch it later, it won’t help them out. So, turn on every TV in your house on Sunday at 1 PM and flip to HGTV. The more live views, the better. Then, after you watch the episode, head to HGTV’s website or Facebook and leave a review using the hashtag #shoringthehouse.