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Green Light Southside Grand Opening

06/28/2018 10:16AM ● By Rianna Turner

By: Rianna Turner  Photos: Rachel Benavides

One of our favorite Uptown coffee shops has expanded! Green Light Coffee — well-known for its bright green bus — has been a staple in Corpus’ coffee community for years. After a soft opening of their new Southside location, located at 7426 South Staples, near the Yorktown intersection, the GLC team is hosting a Grand Opening celebration Saturday, June 30, to officially unveil the new location.

The Grand Opening will take place from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and there will be activities throughout the day, as well as plenty of opportunities to explore their new menu items. Starting at noon, there will also be live music performances from San Juan Underground, DJ JELLOxSHOT, and Splendiferous. 

According to Sarah Hans, the owner of Green Light Coffee, everything available at the Uptown location will be available at the Southside location. The only essential difference is that the Southside location is more spacious, and thus, offers more opportunity to hold events and expand the menu.

“We have expanded our toast menu extensively, added some salads and a kids menu,” Hans said. We plan to expand our gluten-free and vegan options with bakery items such as cupcakes and homemade bread. And, of course, we are really excited about our signature cocktail menu.”

The cocktail menu is extensive, with eight crafty cocktails that will be available at the shop every day. The full menu has been posted on their Facebook page, illustrated by local artist Andi Day. Some of the cocktails are relatives of the shop’s established drinks, like the espresso martini, a martini with espresso, coffee liqueur, and Texas vodka; the Matcha Cabana, matcha with coconut vodka, coconut oil, and agave; and the Herbal Arnold Palmer, which spices up the traditional drink with Texas vodka and Green Light’s signature herbal sweet tea. Weekend hours will be extended to 10 p.m., so Green Light Southside can serve as a frequented evening spot.

The new location, due to its larger size, has more space for both group congregation and individual work spaces. It also allows for more large-scale events to be held at the shop. Some events in the planning stages are coffee + comedy nights, open mic nights, and crafting with cocktails! And, for those who don’t have the schedule to spend time in the new space, or need a hit of caffeine on-the-go, the Southside location has a drive-thru.

RSVP for the Grand Opening via Green Light’s Facebook page, and The Bend’s team will see you there!