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Him Her You Me and The Imaginary Fire

05/24/2018 05:52PM ● By Kylie Cooper

By: Kylie Kinnett

Local artist, Sarah Martin, has never known how not to create. Whether it was painting, drawing, or taking photos, her creative juices have always flowed. After graduating with degrees in both English Literature and Fine Arts, she worked as a paintings conservator in Dallas. She made the move back to Corpus Christi recently and has been working on “Him Her You Me and The Imaginary Fire” since.

            photo via Sarah Martin's Instagram

 At its root, Martin’s newest collection is inspired by the delusion and obsession within human relationships. By using several stories from her personal life, gathering various news articles, and pieces of literature that are all centered around the concept of relationships—both with others and with the self—Martin has created an exhibition focused on the duality of how delusion and obsession can be both delightful, and not so delightful when it comes to relationships.


“Many of the paintings in this exhibit have text incorporated into them from these stories,” says Martin in regard to the inspiration behind the collection. “Some are completely illegible; they remind me of chalkboards after a problem was being resolved, or scenes from the subconscious mind trying to make sense of a situation. They are colorful and playful and also unsettling and meditative” 

Martin describes the works as both humiliatingly vulnerable yet comical, playful yet ominous. Her hopes for the exhibition is to be able to create an environment for people to experience wholly. By creating an immersive look into both the artist’s own life, as well as the exploration into how we, as humans, view relationships. “I am interested in seeing how people respond and relate to the collection and the installation as a whole,” she says. 

         photo via Sarah Martin's Instagram

Poetry and prose can be seen worked into the show as well. Each written word comes alive by recounting moments from different relationships in Martin’s life—all of which include various degrees of delusion or obsession.


The main medium you will find within “Him Her You Me and The Imaginary Fire” is acrylic on canvas, although there are plenty of other elements in which Martin has incorporated (metal swings being one of them).  The solo exhibition’s opening is today, Friday, May 25th, on the second floor of the Mathieu Electric Warehouse (1222 Laredo Street). The reception will begin at 6 PM and is open to the public. Martin hopes you’ll come have an experience, meet someone new, have a drink, and simply just say hello.