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High School Musician Wins Nationally Recognized Scholarship Award

By: Kirby Tello

Meet Noah Avelar. He’s the percussion section leader and 11th grader at Veteran Memorial High School who just won one of the most exciting and honorable awards young creatives only dreams of receiving. Every biennium, Young Masters, in partnership with the Texas Cultural Trust and Texas Commission on the Arts, recognizes 8-11th graders for excelling in music, theater, dance, visual arts, and literary arts by awarding some of Texas’ brightest young artists with scholarships of $10,000 over two years to enhance and build professional artistic study. Seeing as though only fifteen out of 300 applicants are awarded a scholarship, it goes without saying that Noah Avelar is a musical force to be reckoned with. 

Noah found out about the Young Masters Scholarship just one week before the deadline. His band director causally mentioned the scholarship to him and suggested he apply. He wasn’t familiar with the scholarship and organization initially, but he decided to take a chance, apply, and hope for the best. And boy did it pay off. 

What is so inspiring about Noah’s story is that he views this major accolade as something bigger than just himself. An aspiring educator, Noah understands that this opportunity will benefit his future students by allowing him to pass on the knowledge and experiences he will obtain on this journey. 

In talking with Noah, taking a chance seems to be somewhat of a mantra for him. When reflecting on how winning this scholarship impacts the Coastal Bend community he explained that putting yourself out there with a willingness to work hard while fighting the urge to get discouraged, others too can achieve monumental goals just like he did. 

Supporting the arts, he feels, is so important because arts education unleashes a passion and a purpose that might otherwise be stifled without a creative outlet. He believes that music develops creativity and can help to hone other skills and motivation in various aspects of life. In a true humble artist’s form, Noah believes there are so many talented students in the community that could have easily won the award as well based on their extraordinary talent. He is most honored to not only consider himself a part of such a gifted bunch but to also have the passion to take part in enriching the local community through music.