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Hybrid Records' Third Record Store Day Event

03/29/2018 05:27PM ● By Kylie Cooper
By: Kylie Kinnett 

For the third time, Hybrid Records is prepping for all vinyl enthusiast’s favorite bi-annual event, Record Store Day. What makes this particular go around different than the others? We sat down with owner of the shop, Carlos Cooper, to find out what people can expect from this years’ event and get an inside scoop on their latest release off the Hybrid Records’ label, “Broozer”, from the Dallas based band, Odd Folks.


 So, what exactly is Record Store Day?

Record Store Day is a bi-annual event that was created to celebrate and promote independently owned Record Stores. The flagship day is the third Saturday of April every year and there is also a smaller Record Store Day event on Black Friday. Labels and artists get together to release hundreds of exclusive vinyl records that can only be purchased from independent retailers. This takes huge retailers like Amazon and Best Buy out of the equation and encourages people to visit their local shop in person.


What can people expect from the Record Store Day event at Hybrid Records this year? 

People can expect quite a bit this year. We have a twelve hour, all day event planned from 11-11. We will have hundreds of exclusive titles on vinyl, an original release on our label, Live DJs during the day, live bands at night, and free beer from our friends at Rebel Toad.


A lot of people don’t know this, but Hybrid Records is also a record label. So, you guys are releasing your second record on the label on Record Store Day? Tell us about that.

Hybrid Records started strictly as a retailer. But when you spend all your time with and around records, and constantly looking for new music, sometimes you come across very promising independent and up and coming bands who do not have the resources to release their music on vinyl. So, it seemed a natural extension of the store to start helping bands that we were inspired by and that we loved to listen to get their music on to vinyl and out in the physical world. Our first release was with an Austin band called Funeralbloom, which was a partnership with two other record labels. For our second, we found a band called Odd Folks, who started out in College Station and have since relocated to Dallas, and thought they were doing really great work.

So, the band is from Dallas. How did you get connected with them and ultimately decide to press their record?

The guitar player, Alex, has been a friend of mine since we were 11 or 12 I’d say? I’m not entirely sure but we did meet in middle school when I was living in Midland. Anyway, he pursued playing music much more actively than I ever did and I always kept an eye out for what his bands were up to. I saw the latest band he was in, Odd Folks, released a really well-done music video for their single “Friends” and had an active touring schedule. So, I saw a really promising and hardworking band that I had a vague connection with and who’s music I genuinely enjoyed and about an hour later I was in contact with them and we were starting the project.


How would you describe Odd Folks’ sound?


Odd Folks has a very unique sound in that it’s instantly recognizable and comfortable, but yet hard to put a finger on exactly what “genre” it fits under. In simplest terms, they are a rock band. The “Indie Rock” umbrella comes to mind, since it’s so vague and all encompassing, but they also draw a lot of influence from pop-punk/punk rock and other DIY ethics (they do all their recording and design work themselves). 


What do you hope to bring to the community with both your Record Store Day event and this new release?

We really just hope that with Record Store Day, and all our events, we can open a door for people to make their way into the shop who maybe haven’t before or maybe have never felt a reason to. Because, even though Hybrid Records is a record store, it’s so much more. It’s an art gallery at times, a concert venue other times, and always a cultural gathering place for people to get together and discuss everything from their favorite music or art, ponder existential questions, or even, for once and for all, decide whether or not there is a difference between and dip and a sauce. Is BBQ sauce one or the other, OR IS IT BOTH!?!? If even one person comes in on Record Store Day and finds a community here that they feel they can be a part of, or if one person picks up the Odd Folks LP and realizes they love it, RSD would be a success. 

You can pre-order the Odd Folks LP here and follow @hybridrecordstx on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with all things Record Store Day.