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Local Businesses Collaborate on Something Fresh

03/08/2018 04:48PM ● By Kylie Cooper

You might be fairly familiar with Alex Chapa (of Moonstone’d Pottery) and Jenna Pilsner (of Blood Orange Vintage) by now. We have featured both of their crafts a number of times and they have been popping up all over the Coastal Bend with their goods. These two inspiring, young, local-business owners teamed up and decided to collaborate on an exciting project with one another and we wanted to get the inside scoop on just how it all went down.


The Bend Magazine: How did you first get the idea to collaborate on something together?

Moonstone’d x Blood Orange Vintage: Since we're both good friends and work together frequently already, we decided to collaborate our similar interests and skills and this is just the first of many!


TB: What made you decide to create candles and what can people expect from them?

MSxBOV: We both love candles of course and wanted to create something that was not only aesthetically pleasing but functional to the table (or shelf, or wherever). We felt it important to put an everyday product into a reusable vessel at an affordable price that every home needs. These candles are definitely eco-friendly, not only in the ingredients, but the multitude of uses of the vessel once the wax is all gone!

TB: What was your inspiration during the creative process behind the candles?


MSxBOV: We both love home essentials and wanted to bring earthy scents and elements together to complement our love for all things natural (like clay)! We have similar taste when it comes to fragrance so this was pretty fun to get creative with. We came up with a blend of grapefruit, mint and sea salt for a bright and coastal vibe and the other is a blend of sandalwood, patchouli and rose for a more decadent earthy tone.

TB: What are the benefits of local businesses collaborating with one another?

MSxBOV: Local businesses should always be collaborating! It's so important to support each other. It helps both parties thrive, whether someone didn't know about your business before the collaboration or they're just excited to get to support 2 businesses in one.


The pair is introducing their candles for the first time this Saturday at Wildflowers monthly Market Day, from 10 AM to 3 PM. Stop by and say hello and purchase one of these one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted candles, as well as checking out the other amazing vendors who will be selling their goods!