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Energy Saving Window Treatments


By: Pam Morin, Budget Blinds - Corpus Christi

At Budget Blinds we are often asked what products will block our South Texas heat and provide the best energy savings. Three great answers are Cellular Shades, Plantation Shutters or Custom Drapes. 

Cellular Shades are the least expensive of the three. Sometimes called Honeycomb Shades, Cellulars have a hexagonal cell shape that helps them trap heat exchange at the window.  Cellulars are like putting a blanket on the window - they keep heat out during the summer and heat in during the winter. On a 5 point scale, most of our cellular shades have a 4.8 energy efficiency rating. They operate like any other shade, up and down, top down bottom up or even vertically across wide doors and windows. Cordless or motorized are the two most popular control options.

Plantation Shutters are very popular in our Coastal Bend Area.  They fit great with any decor, whether it be traditional colonial, farmhouse, tuscan, or coastal/ beach.  Plantation Shutters are like putting a cabinet on your window.  They are a permanent addition and they add to home value, making them a very smart home improvement.  On a 5 point scale, plantation shutters come in at 5.0 when they are in the closed position.  Since they are a louvered product, they offer the ability to perfectly control light and view in a room by a simple tilt of the horizontal louvers. Plantation shutters can be operated with or without a tilt rod (hidden tilt) or they can even be motorized!

Custom Drapery sounds like a luxury item, but you would be surprised at the many affordable fabrics and styles that are available. Drapes are a great way to add texture and color pop to your room decor while providing energy efficient function. The difference between custom drapes and what is available in box stores is in the detailed construction, fabric choices, overall operation and feel. A good custom drape comes with a liner that can be light filtering or blackout, which does wonders to darken a room and control heat. Just think of what drapes did the last time you stayed in a hotel! Today’s drapes can be operated by cords, wands or even motorization!


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