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Live In Layers

12/29/2017 10:51AM ● By Jarred Schuetze

By: Jarred Schuetze  Photos by: DeKwaan Wynn  Wardrobe: Blood Orange Vintage

New year, new ways to layer an outfit. Whether you’re layering to achieve a specific aesthetic or just trying to stay warm, it never hurts to establish a handful of go-to combinations for your wardrobe. The art of layering is all about pairing versatile clothing pieces to create a bundled up, thrown-together look that appears effortless and fashionable. To give a fresh take on layering we collaborated with Blood Orange Vintage to provide a couple of chic, layered looks to inspire you.


1.Turtlenecks. Layer your turtleneck under dresses, coats, tanks, and pretty much anything else. It truly might be the most versatile garment for layered looks.

2.Monochrome. Layering in shades of the same color looks sleek and never over-the-top.

3.Draping. A must-know style trick to elevate any outfit to appear more posh, drape your jacket or coat over your shoulders.

4.Texture. When layering tons of fabrics, opt for bold textures to keep the look interesting.

5.Neutrals. Taupes, grays, blacks, and whites are the easiest colors to mix. No matter the amount of layers, any combo will look fabulous.


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