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Discovering the Chic Inspiration

12/15/2017 04:45PM ● By Kylie Cooper

By: Shawna Cogar, 
Chic to Chic  Owner
For me design is bigger than just a finished room or a pretty home. It is a reflection of who we are, what we love, and our personal family history. Design, yes is interiors, but it is also about how art, history, and fashion influence trends in the design world. Even the places we choose to travel to, our personal taste (we all have things we love), food and entertainment choices—these all impact our design aesthetic.

I always carefully select locations to visit based on historical interest, physical beauty, and culture—which inspire my buying trips and imagination. Our shop, founded in 2007, is a reflection of all these creative interests. The beautiful home furnishings I appreciate across every style and price point allow me to curate a wonderfully diverse collection. I could never settle on just one look. There are just too many good things out there. With an eye for finding "the needles in the haystacks" as I like to say, I am able to find the best possible look for the best price.

Here at Chic to Chic, we are an experienced group of design professionals who are interested in being a resource for customers to get quality advice about home furnishings, whether they need one piece to finish a room or wall, or an entire design plan. We provide custom upholstery, wood furniture, art, accessories, rugs, lighting, wallpaper, and draperies for the home, in addition to design services.

Home Furnishings is our niche. We aren’t pretentious or over-priced. I carefully curate every single piece I buy, keeping the customer, price, and quality in mind so that each person who walks through our door can put Chic to Chic in their budget, but also acquire something unique. Keeping an eye on trends and incorporating new ideas into the classics are key to looking fresh season after season. 

526 Everhart Rd 
Corpus Christi, TX 78411
(361) 883-2442