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The Hewitt Dr. Home that's a Haven for All Things Beautiful

11/02/2017 10:08AM ● By Alexa Alley

Words by: Alexa Alley  Photos by: Jason Page

Upon entrance into the home, the tall ceilings, winding staircase, hanging orb encircled chandelier, and bouquets of eucalyptus create a perfect marriage of the antique and the modern—which have become the themes that shape the identity of the home. From modern paintings, religious sculptures, original cabinetry, and everything in between, the spacious house sitting on a 1 1/2-acre lot on Hewitt drive is a reflection of the style of the Moore family and especially Terri herself. 

When meeting Terri, it does not take long for her love of art and decor to come to the surface. Every room in the house has been thoughtfully curated to be a reflection of their own personal style, and it sure does not disappoint. Each room, though different in its own way, never fails to bring together old and new in the most beautiful way. 

One thing emphasized by Terri is her desire to buy “real art,” that is, art bought directly from the artist. For example, two abstract pieces hanging on each side of the mantle, painted by Amanda Flores, serve as a focal point of the room. The family room is filled with some of their most meaningful pieces, including, but not limited to, an end table and two chairs belonging to her grandmother and a simple piece of art that the Moore’s have used as a sort of guest book for their home.

“It was just a simple painting we got at Pier 1, but now it is one of my favorite pieces, and so its memorable to look at all of the signatures of the people who have come through our home,” Terri recalls.

The informal dining room, with large French doors, looks out onto the spacious patio and yard complete with a large rectangular swimming pool and 3 eucalyptus trees. A large round chandelier hangs above a round table with live moss planted in the middle, giving the room an airy and organic feel. The original slate grey tile floors combined with the large round, modern chandelier hanging above, give the simple light filled room a certain kind of elegance. The flooring follows into the kitchen with all the original cabinetry that has been painted grey, and honed marble countertops and backsplash. 

“We did not want it to look too perfect,” Terri said—which is why they decided to go with honed marble instead of something more sleek. The formal dining room, around the corner from the kitchen, with live moss acting as a centerpiece, also perfectly embodies the same theme of old and new in its own way. There is a bell on the floor at the head of the table that used to be used as a notification to the butler to bring out the next course.

“We found it while renovating the floors and thought it was such a cool representation of what life used to be like,” Terri says. Although the dinner bell, along with a closet specifically for silver, is no longer utilized for their original purposes, “it is a cool way to remember how houses and life used to be so different” Terri says. 

The Moore family, and Terri specifically, have always had a love for quirky, old things. She repeatedly states that if “I don’t find the right thing, I just keep looking." She believes quality pieces will last a lifetime, which is why she is so fond of the carefully picked decor in their house. 

“We kept a neutral color palette so I can go all out with decor,” Terri recalls about their renovation decisions. 

Much like her local shop, Wildflowers, her home has become a place for vintage pieces to be revitalized. When speaking about the house, the idea of purchasing pieces reflective of a personal style and making decisions according to what you really like is the most important—such as her decision to paint their guest bathroom all black with metallic wallpaper for the ceiling. 

Although the house has taken on a whole new identity since it was built in 1952, the original features keep their initial integrity all while being transformed into a house reflective of the Moore family and Terri’s love for “all things beautiful.”