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The Unique Social Club Combining Fitness, Friendship, and Spirits

11/02/2017 09:27AM ● By Alexis Harborth

Words by: Alexis Mays  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

What’s good for the mind, body, and includes spirits? Sets and Sangria is a tennis program and social meet-up for men and women ages 21 to 39, and of all skill levels. During a spring and fall season each year, the group meets on Wednesday evenings at a local tennis facility to play several fun and flexible rounds, before migrating to a neighborhood restaurant and bar for a social hour.

Sets and Sangria is the brainchild of Katy Rogers, a tennis aficionado and Corpus Christi’s Tennis Service representative of the United States Tennis Association (USTA). She designed this program with the support and guidance of Corpus Christi Country Club tennis professional Clay Reuter and the Corpus Christi Tennis Association. 

“It’s thanks to these local efforts that Sets and Sangria exists today,” says Rogers. “This program is by the community, for the community.” 

The inspiration behind this one-of-a-kind program is personal to Rogers. 

“Tennis has provided me with necessary tools, inspiration, and boundless opportunities to flourish.” says Rogers, “I want tennis to be the sport of opportunity; an opportunity for children, young adults, and families from all facets of life to learn and play the sport, but more importantly, an opportunity for them to succeed.”

Access is important to Rogers, which is why each season is priced low so cost is not a barrier.

“The cost for each season is only $30. This includes the court fees, tennis balls, a shirt, and appetizers at the restaurant during the social time.”

Sets and Sangria is meant to bring together community residents, and also ignite a love for the sport. In fact, many members of previous seasons have gone on to further their passion of tennis by joining USTA adult leagues as well as playing in tournaments across the state. The always fun get-together after playing is a key part of the group’s success, and even when team members advance to other groups, they keep in contact with the friends made in Sets and Sangria. 

“We’ve become more than a team, or a club. We’re a family,” Rogers says.

Each Sets and Sangria season lasts 6 weeks, and members of the club often gather during its off season to catch up with each other, sign up for other leagues, and participate in charity events. 

Now in its 5th season, Sets and Sangria is looking forward to a Fall season with returning members and new ones. Everyone interested in joining should visit: 

Did You Know? 

- An hour of tennis singles can burn 580–870 calories.

- Playing three hours of tennis can reduce heart disease risk by 56%. This is why tennis players have the lowest risk of heart disease, compared to players of other sports.

- Studies since the 1990s indicate that tennis boosts brain health, thanks to the quickness and tactical thinking the sport requires.

- Physician and author Dr. Jim Gavin states that tennis outperforms all other sports when it comes to developing an athlete’s positive characteristics and physical fitness.