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Metropolis Brings Street Style to the City

10/31/2017 05:53PM ● By Kylie Cooper

Word by: Kylie Kinnett  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Street style. An approach to an outfit that emerges not from a studio or a mainstream trend, but from the roots of those who are wearing it. It’s personal and relays a message about the individual in regards to how they view the fashion world.

Kim Rios, owner of a personal styling and shopping business Metropolis, is no stranger to the realm of street style. Keeping true to the authentic and personalized themes that make up street style, Kim refers to her own personal version of street style as a combination of both vintage and contemporary. Creating timeless looks from pieces she has bargain shopped or thrifted, she is able to curate looks that are both chic and unique.

“I like to think an outfit worn today will translate just as well in two, five, or even ten years,” Kim says. “Inevitably I am a bit of a risk taker, in fashion and in life.”

Kim’s passion for all things style stems from wanting to create new looks and help others feel good in their clothes. “Friends and family have always come to me for my fashion sensibilities,” she says. “I have ended up styling more strangers than I can count and figured I should turn my passion into a business opportunity.”

The other style maven in the photos is Cynthia Gonzalez. Cynthia and Kim work together in order to create collaborative style projects and mixing their two aesthetics might just be a stroke of genius. Kim first met Cynthia at Renaissance Antiques—where Kim actually sells her vintage clothing and accessories. “I instantly gravitated towards her,” Kim says. “I am in awe of her style and she is constantly upping the ante.”

Kim hopes to bring more individuality to the fashion scene here in Corpus Christi. “There tends to be a rather blasé attitude about fashion here,” Kim remarks. “Our local fashion is already one or two years behind and I feel the need to step it up. Everyone is unique and that should always come through in your style.”

Kim and Cynthia both are stepping out into the streets with their boldest looks and aren’t afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to putting outfits together. It goes without saying these women are bringing a whole new meaning to the style of the streets here in town.