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Providing the Coastal Bend with Authentic German Cuisine

10/31/2017 05:15PM ● By Jinky Romero

Words by: Jinky Romero  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

With a vision to bring something different to the city, Brigitte Kazenmayer opened up Strudel Mania in 2013. Since then, they have been serving the people of Corpus Christi delicious and authentic German dishes and pastries.

Originally serving as a taste of familiarity, it has since grown into a breakfast and lunch favorite for a lot of families on the South Side. While they are most known for their strudels, they have recently introduced a new mouthwatering special that is quickly becoming one of their best sellers.

The aptly named “The Big One” is an explosion of delicious flavors within in giant bun. The inside of the bun consists of roasted chicken, sautéed tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and gravy. This unique sandwich boasts of a perfectly crafted mix of different types of savory tastes that will leave your mouth watering.

Another must-try on their menu is their schnitzel. Schnitzel, which is breaded pork fried on a flat griddle, is one of Germany’s signature meals—and Strudel Mania definitely does it justice. The outside is crisped to perfection, with a little sweetness to the breading. The inside is tender and juicy. Lemon slices are served on the side for an additional twist of citrus flavors.

At Strudel Mania, people come for the strudel and stay for, well, pretty much everything else!